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From Robert Newson <>
Subject Re: Is it possible to bring back optional old all-or-nothing behaviour?
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2011 16:36:34 GMT
The all_or_nothing option (both old and new semantic) are,
respectively, impossible or very hard, to achieve in a cluster.

I would like to see all_or_nothing removed entirely in CouchDB 2.0.


On 22 December 2011 15:57, Alexander Uvarov <> wrote:
> With release 0.9 of CouchDB, bulk update semantics have been changed
> so that a CouchDB server will not reject updates in case of conflicts.
> IIRC old behavior was removed because it does not scale and this
> commit dropped out much number of users who want to simplify their
> development by dropping SQL and ORMs in some cases.
> Current all-or-nothing behavior does not work in BigCouch by Cloudant,
> I guess it does not shard. It does not shard, but still exists. So why
> not take a chance to A_C_ID bulk docs?
> Why not bring previous behavior as an option? This will much simplify
> development of simple apps, apps for smartphones, apps with 1 database
> per small number of client where sharding, clustering and replication
> will never find a place, in other words "single master" apps.

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