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From Alexander Uvarov <>
Subject Is it possible to bring back optional old all-or-nothing behaviour?
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2011 15:57:58 GMT
With release 0.9 of CouchDB, bulk update semantics have been changed
so that a CouchDB server will not reject updates in case of conflicts.
IIRC old behavior was removed because it does not scale and this
commit dropped out much number of users who want to simplify their
development by dropping SQL and ORMs in some cases.
Current all-or-nothing behavior does not work in BigCouch by Cloudant,
I guess it does not shard. It does not shard, but still exists. So why
not take a chance to A_C_ID bulk docs?
Why not bring previous behavior as an option? This will much simplify
development of simple apps, apps for smartphones, apps with 1 database
per small number of client where sharding, clustering and replication
will never find a place, in other words "single master" apps.

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