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From Alex Besogonov <>
Subject Unique instance IDs?
Date Sun, 11 Dec 2011 12:00:58 GMT
I wonder, why there are no unique instance IDs in CouchDB? I'm
thinking about 'the central server replicates 2000000 documents to a
million of clients' scenario.

Right now it's not possible to make replication on the 'big central
server' side to be stateless, because the other side tries to write
replication document which is later used to establish common ancestry.
Server can ignore/discard it, but then during the next replication
client would just have to replicate all the changes again. Of course,
the results would be consistent in any case but quite a lot of
additional traffic might be required.

It should be simple to assign each instance a unique ID (computed
using UUID and the set of applied replication filters) and use it to
establish common replication history. It can even be compatible with
the way the current replication system works and basically the only
visible change should be the addition of UUID to database info.

Or am I missing something?

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