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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject Enrolment open: Introduction to CouchDB Development
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2011 22:13:43 GMT
Enrolment for the "Introduction to CouchDB Development" course is now
open at ! 

As previously described, this course will get you up to speed in Erlang
(40%), the fundamentals of how CouchDB is implemented (40%), and will
culminate in a small group project (20%).

There will be guest presentations from these illustrious contributors:
  * Randall Leeds
  * Bob Dionne
  * Adam Kocoloski
  * Dale Harvey
  * Paul Davis
  * Benoit Chesneau
  * Robert Newson
  * Jan Lehnardt
  * ...with more to come!

The course runs from 2012.1.9 - 2012.3.20 or so, with a commitment of
about 4-8 hours per week recommended. Also, be aware that this is an
online studio course, meaning it's run entirely online and in the open. 
It's 100% free (as in beer and freedom).

  Strong knowledge of at least one programming language, preferably
    non-scripted [*]
  Know how to use CouchDB. This is not a CouchDB course.

To enrol:
  1. Reply to me privately by email, or via IRC (freenode's
     #couchdb, wohali), or via Twitter (@wohali).
  2. I will give you the enrolment key.
  3. Visit , select the course and register
     a new user using the provided enrolment key.

These people get priority enrolment until 12-16 since they expressed
early interest:
  Timothy Chen
  Roman Geber
  Matt Adams
  Bryan Green
  Sean Copenhaver
  Pete Vander Giessen
  Clifford Hung
  Dave Cottlehuber

See you there,

[*] If your only programming language is JavaScript, prepare to devote
more time to the course for the first 4 weeks. Moving to Erlang from
JavaScript will take more effort than if you have a background in at
least one non-scripting language.

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