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From Jason Smith <>
Subject Re: Very impressive CouchDB story.
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2011 06:19:39 GMT
CouchDB is brilliant. Cloudant is brilliant.

What a fantastic, level-headed, retrospective about real-world CouchDB.

Thank you very much for the link, Riyad!

On Wed, Nov 9, 2011 at 2:50 AM, Riyad Kalla <> wrote:
> This is an aside and also a "you guys rock" to the CouchDB dev team... I
> watched a talk by Benjamin Anderson at Meteor today:
> where he talked about their experience with running CouchDB (via Cloudant)
> for 2 years in production, scaling from what I imagine was 2 or 3 nodes to
> a 14-node cluster. In the last year alone their traffic has grown 5x while
> their Couch cluster has only grown 20% to cover that.
> Benjamin is straight forward with some of the shortcomings they have had,
> but the take-away from this that floored me and is a testament to what you
> guys do... in all these years after all these 10s of terabytes of data,
> they have never lost data or had downtime.
> They just kept growing their cluster, adding nodes as needed and got back
> to work.
> No world-ending events, total cluster failures or total rebuilds. Couch
> just happily chugged along, keeping track of data and smiling. (not
> discrediting any world Cloudant put in here to make that happen, I just
> don't know what it was).
> He also specifically called out how the backend API to Couch has
> (practically) not changed at all in the last 2 years, allowing them to
> focus their development efforts on customer-facing features and not spend
> time writing and rewriting backend persistence features as Couch grew and
> released new versions.
> To all of you committers that spend your nights and weekends on Couch, this
> is a glowing testament to the hard decisions you have made.
> Really great job guys.
> -Riyad

Iris Couch

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