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From Dave Johnson <>
Subject Re: Git process description from an ASF project
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2011 20:35:58 GMT
>> [GitHib is not necessary to get the most from Git] IMHO, a gitweb
>> instance would be good enough for Deltacloud; a gitorious
>> instance of course much shinier. Whatever infra feels is the best tool
>> from their side would be fine by me.
>> [Is a plain vanilla Git repo enough? What do we *need*? What would add
>> additional value?]
> A plain Git repo is definitely a good start but the ability to browse
> via a browser is super handy! (Gitorious or Gitolite accommodate that
> use case.) GitHub's faculties for forking, reviewing, commenting are
> also super useful but not mandatory. Just better ergonomics.

Not to mention the additional value of github pages, integrated issue
tracking (with, for example, the ability to close issues via commits),
as well as the integrated wiki. Those things are technically not
needed but are becoming increasingly important for developers in the
Callback community (and increasingly the open source community at
large) for whom those features are becoming indispensable.

Thanks for adding this to the discussion Ross!

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