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From Jason Hess <>
Subject Re: Apache CouchDB is Alive and Kicking
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2011 19:06:46 GMT
+1 on the blog post. 

On Nov 30, 2011, at 11:04 AM, Mikeal Rogers wrote:

> you should make this a blog post so that I can link to it :)
> On Nov 30, 2011, at November 30, 20119:43 AM, Jan Lehnardt wrote:
>> Apache CouchDB is Alive and Kicking
>> “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” — Mark Twain
>> In the past days at the end of November 2011, a few news items hit the
>> tech scene that suggested that the Apache CouchDB project is done for.
>> We, the Apache CouchDB team, are writing to you today: do not worry,
>> the project is alive and well.
>> Canonical and Ubuntu One
>> In 2009 Canonical decided to base the data sync feature of their Ubuntu
>> One project on Apache CouchDB. Its goal was to allow seamless synchro-
>> nisation of personal data between different computers and devices and their cloud
hosting service. A use-case that seemed perfect for
>> CouchDB at the time, and we consider that still to be the case.
>> Individuals from the CouchDB team have worked closely with the dev-elopers at Canonical
to help making Ubuntu One a success. At some
>> point in the past, these individuals developed patches to adapt CouchDB
>> to certain Ubuntu One use cases. These patches diverged from the main
>> CouchDB code base.
>> Over time, it became harder and harder to reconcile these changes with
>> the main CouchDB code base, so fixing bugs and rolling out new features
>> from more recent CouchDB release took a lot more time and energy.
>> At some point in the near past, we presume, Canonical decided to not
>> pursue this any further. And we respect that decision and we wish them
>> best with their development of their new U1DB, which is a database-
>> agnostic API that takes after CouchDB's API, but is tied closer
>> to their particular feature set.
>> We'd like to thank Canonical for officially endorsing this part of the
>> message.
>> “The company behind CouchDB”
>> During the development of Ubuntu One, Cannonical worked with Couchbase,
>> who happen to employ some of CouchDB's committers. In a recent an-
>> nouncement, they erroneously described Couchbase as the company behind
>> CouchDB. We'd like the set the record straight by saying that this isn't
>> the case. CouchDB is an Apache Software Foundation project and has no
>> corporate sponsor.
>> We are fortunate enough to have a number of companies who employ our
>> committers or sponsor individual people to work on the project. These
>> people, however, contribute to the project as individuals, regardless of
>> their involvement with Cloudant, Couchbase, Enki Multimedia, Iris Couch,
>> or any other corporate entity.
>> The Future
>> Apache CouchDB will continue to build great database technology and
>> release stable, mature and trustworthy releases for our developers to
>> build great applications on.
>> We want to thank everybody for their support and look forward to a great
>> future!
>> On behalf of the The Apache CouchDB Project Management Committee,
>> Jan Lehnardt,
>> Chairman
>> -- 

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