I'm working on gathering data from Twitter and permanently storing them in CouchDb.  
I'm able to save the user tweets on CouchDB and to visualize them through Futon CouchDB; some problems arise when I try to update these data or to retrieve them.

I attached the message generated by CouchDb and a part of the configuration page. 
In addition, I explored the Futon graphical interface and I noticed that the combo box offers, among its options, only Javascript as supported language.
In the configuration file associated with CouchDB I set:

[query_servers] python = C:\Python27\Scripts\couchpy 

and I exploited easy_install to import al required libraries.

Currently my machine runs python, Active Python (working on Windows 7) and CouchDb 1.1.0.

Many thanks for your patience and kind support,

Alessio Dovico Lupo