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From Konstantin Cherkasoff <>
Subject High latency (40ms) and low request rate (10 rps) under windows
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2011 23:03:13 GMT
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I installed CouchDB 1.1.0 on Windows (Winows 7, 32 bit) and tried to
test performance using ab.exe(Apache Benchmark
ab.exe -k -c 1 -n 1000 -p ab.json -T "application/json"
where ab.json contains the simplest document {"value": "test"}.
This utility do 1000 POSTs with no concurency (-c 1) in single
connection (-k for keepalive).
On my laptop (it's NOT low cost netbook) I got 10 requests per
second.So it is 0.1 second per single request.And CPU and HDD
utilization is actually ZERO.
I was just wondering what exactly CouchDB doing all this time (0.1
second) with single little record?As the utilization of CPU and HDD is
0%, I believe that they are not the bottleneck.

So where is bottleneck?

P.S.All test I did with delayed_commits = false.And I tried
socket_options = [{nodelay, true}]

Konstantin Cherkasoff

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