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From Paul Davis <>
Subject notifications in IRC
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2011 07:31:14 GMT
Randall remind me that I haven't implemented IRC notifications for
commits yet so I started looking at's GIT support. The more I
look the less I think its a good fit for Git. This is mostly tied to
the fact that lots of old VCS hooks are written with an assumption of
"one push is one commit."

So with (unless I'm missing the docs, which includes reading
the source to the recommended git hook) we have to think about things
like, one IRC notification per commit, per branch, or per push. IOW, I
don't see a good way for messages like "davisp updated refname [hash1
... hash2] <link> <summary>" type notifications.

Alternatively, I can write a short script that just does the IRC
notifications which isn't too hard. Its a bit hackish, but we use
similar things at work and it seems to be more robust than even
GitHub's IRC bot.

Anyway, input is requested so I know what I should be looking at.

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