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From Paul Davis <>
Subject Tweaking the release procedure
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2011 16:55:16 GMT

Now that we're on Git and have a system for managing tags that isn't
nutty, its time that we should revisit our tagging protocol for

First, a note about the Git hosting. One of the ASF requests was that
I write a thing that prevented the ability of rewriting history on
master. When I implemented this I made the branch pattern configurable
to multiple branches. Currently this protection applies to master,
trunk, and any branch or tag prefixed with "rel/". The idea was that
we'd be able to move release branches like 1.1.x, 1.2.x etc to
rel/1.1.x and rel/1.2.x so that we don't accidentally break them. The
same for tags. Once we tag something as rel/1.1.1 the rewrite checks
will prevent someone from accidentally modifying it.

So given that, and the fact that Git lets us alias specific tags
exactly, I thought I'd propose a couple slight tweaks to the release

1. When tagging release candidates, the tag would be of the pattern:


2. When a release formally passes a vote, we would copy the tag to:


3. I think we discussed this before, but we should also place the rc
artefacts into a directory named as such (IIRC, we decided that the
name shouldn't change). Ie, 1.1.1 would be stored at:

4. Making new release branches we should name them:


5. For continuity, I'd also propose copying all of our older tags and
branches to the new pattern (while keeping the current versions around
for an extended period of time).


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