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From Paul Davis <>
Subject Starting the Git Experiment (for realz)
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2011 21:24:41 GMT
Dear committers,

We now have a green light from the ASF to switch to using Git as our
writable VCS. This is to be considered a live experiment. If something
breaks its possible we'll have to revert back to SVN. But nothing will
break and everyone will forgive me for any bugs that may crop up.

Seeing as there were no objects the last time we voted to make the
switch, I plan on cutting over to git in about 6 hours to give people
time to finish up anything they were doing in SVN. That means that at
roughly 10P CST, SVN will be read-only and the Git repository will be
the canonical source repository.

I should also note that the eyes of the ASF are upon us as we continue
with this experiment. There are a few expectations that everyone
should keep in mind as we start working with Git over the next few
months. First, we should be keeping notes on things that work and
don't work with Git. Periodically I'll ask for feedback on things we
should document. One of the major things that is expected of us is to
produce an initial set of best-practices that can be adopted by other
projects if/when Git is adopted more widely at the ASF.

Some random things that come to mind that I'd like people to consider
moving forward are suggestions on policies for when and where to push
commits (ie, branch naming policies, rate of pushing, policies for
merging back into trunk/release branches, etc). Also, best practices
for how we interact with users on GitHub and other Git hosts. This
includes things like asking for submissions in the form of JIRA
tickets instead of Pull Requests and so forth.

I think we already have answers to most of these points but we'll need
to have them written down as documentation so that if things move
forward we will be able to teach other projects how we use Git.

Also, thanks everyone for putting up with me as I try and get all of
the various pieces together. Hopefully the roughest roads are behind
us and we'll be getting our rainbows and unicorns here shortly.

Paul Davis

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