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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject Re: more dynamic _sidebar.html
Date Sun, 04 Sep 2011 04:16:39 GMT
On 4 September 2011 05:12, Noah Slater <> wrote:
> On 3 Sep 2011, at 11:30, Ladislav Thon wrote:
>>> Isn't it better to extend the JSON like this:
>>> {
>>> "couchdb": "Welcome",
>>> "version": "0.11.0",
>>> "name": "Apache CouchDB",
>>> "url": ""
>>> "logoSrc": "image/logo.png"
>>> "logoAlt": "Apache CouchDB: Relax"
>>> }
> Nope, I think this is a bad use of the root JSON document.

Does anybody use it other than to confirm we're talking to a couch?

For example if an app permits the user to subscribe to a remote couch,
how can you check programmatically if the remote couch is compatible
or not, esp wrt replication, or if certain features like GeoCouch are

GET / should return a statement of that couch's API compatibility with
ASF releases, and allow vendors such as cloudant and couchbase to add
strings for their flavours also:

   "couchdb" : "Welcome",
   "api" : "1.1.0",
   "vendor": "ASF"

where Couchbase would return something like

   "couchdb" : "Welcome",
   "api" : "1.1.0",
   "vendor":  "Couchbase",
   "release": "2.0"

This might also be the place to report plugin capabilities. Geocouch
comes to mind, but also the replicator version might be worth
publishing if we have limited compatibility between releases and
vendor implementations. Thinking out loud either a simple array:

   "couchdb" : "Welcome",
   "api" : "1.1.0",
   "vendor": "ASF",
   "plugins: ["geocouch", "inception"]

or a more complex structure incorporating release, API ver, vendor etc again.

>> That would actually be great for another reason: you could distinguish
>> different CouchDB distributions, e.g. Apache CouchDB from Couchbase Single
>> Server (which currently says "version": "1.1.2", but is actually based on
>> CouchDB 1.0). I'd love to see that.


> Why is CouchBase setting the version to this?

Indeed a question which many of the great philosophers have pondered
without illumination...


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