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From Paul Davis <>
Subject Futon Test Suite
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2011 06:43:56 GMT
I've been running the Futon test suite quite a bit lately and I've
noticed that they starting to take quite a bit longer again.

The entire test suite takes about 4 minutes to run on a semi recent
MBA. Most of the tests are fairly speedy, but four of them stick out
quite drastically:

delayed_commits: 15s
design_docs: 25s
replication: 90s
replcaitor_db: 60s

I haven't dug into these too much yet. The only thing I've noticed is
that replication and relplicator_db seem to spend a lot of their time
polling various URLs waiting for task completion. Perhaps I'm just
being impatient but it seems that each poll lasts an uncessarily long
time for a unit tests (3-5s) so I was wondering if we were hitting a
timeout or something.

If anyone wants to dig into the test suite and see if they can't speed
these up or even just split them apart so we know what's taking awhile
that'd be super awesome.

Also, I've been thinking more and more about beefing up the JavaScript
test suite runner and moving more of our browser tests over to
dedicated code in those tests. If anyone's interested in hacking on
some C and JavaScript against an HTTP API, let me know.

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