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From Paul Davis <>
Subject Commits to 1.1.x not in 1.0.x
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2011 23:22:41 GMT
I was just going through what we back ported to 1.1.x to make sure
that all the relevant commits are also on 1.0.x before rolling a
release. There are a few that are mostly trivial but I've come across
two that I'm a bit stumped on.

The first is this one:


  Large contiguous conflict in share/www/script/test/design_docs.js that I'm
  not sure if I can just choose this patched version or not.

The patch to util.js applies cleanly, but the diff to design_docs.js
results in a fairly large conflict. It may be a simple code move with
indentation difference but if someone could eyeball that closer that'd

The second is:


  Appears to rely on mochiweb_request:accepts_content_type which does not
  appear to exist in 1.0.x

I'm not even sure if this is relevant to the 1.0.x branch or was a fix
for something introduced in the 1.1.x branch with the various
content-type changes and what not. Again, if someone would eyeball
this that is more familiar with the interaction with jquery/futon
that'd be a help.


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