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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Problems with README
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2011 09:13:35 GMT

I recently noticed this:

950689        jan 
950689        jan Running the Testsuite
950689        jan ---------------------
950689        jan 
950689        jan Run the testsuite for couch.js and jquery.couch.js by browsing to this site:
950689        jan It should work in at least Firefox >= 3.6 and Safari >= 4.0.4.
950689        jan 
950689        jan Read more about JSpec here:
950689        jan 
950689        jan Trouble shooting
950689        jan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
950689        jan 
950689        jan  * When you change the specs, but your changes have no effect, manually
reload the changed spec file in the browser.
950689        jan 
950689        jan  * When the spec that tests erlang views fails, make sure you have enabled
erlang views as described here: <>
950689        jan 
950689        jan 

Aside from the formatting issues, which is the reason I was going to edit it in the first
place, this information appears to be wrong. The test suite we advise people to use is
and the one linked in the README doesn't even work for me. Also, the troubleshooting section
should not be here. There is a troubleshooting section above this. This file is a README,
so we should be trying to keep it simple.

Unless no one objects I am going to revert this entire section.



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