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From Jake Levirne <>
Subject Tips for getting past test suite errors
Date Tue, 10 May 2011 21:09:25 GMT

I'm new to couchdb-dev and am trying to get to the point where I can
make useful contributions.  Right now 8 of my tests are failing when I
run the test suite in futon (details below).

I'm running on an Ubuntu 10.04.2 Server virtualbox, and I've forked
and cloned apache/couchdb on github and am up to date with (so I think I have the latest trunk).

I've followed these instructions for running couchdb in dev mode:

and I believe all my dependencies are in order (I  was able to
bootstrap, configure, and build successfully).  Are these errors
expected?  If not, any pointers for how to get started tracking down
what might be wrong with my setup?

basics	success	14232ms	
all_docs	success	6441ms	
attachments	error	5699ms	

    Run with debugger
    Assertion failed: xhr.responseText == lorem
    Exception raised: {"message":"actual is

attachments_multipart	success	4498ms	
attachment_names	success	1643ms	
attachment_paths	success	3852ms	
attachment_ranges	success	3046ms	
attachment_views	success	2370ms	
auth_cache	success	16065ms	
batch_save	success	67251ms	
bulk_docs	success	4190ms	
changes	success	19200ms	
compact	success	11128ms	
config	success	4686ms	
conflicts	success	2191ms	
content_negotiation	success	1253ms	
cookie_auth	success	12960ms	
copy_doc	success	2367ms	
delayed_commits	success	25500ms	
design_docs	success	40423ms	
design_options	success	2835ms	
design_paths	success	3316ms	
erlang_views	success	5132ms	
etags_head	failure	2012ms	

    Run with debugger
    Assertion failed: xhr.status == 304

etags_views	success	12380ms	
form_submit	success	558ms	
http	success	1980ms	
invalid_docids	success	1386ms	
jsonp	success	2227ms	
large_docs	success	1504ms	
list_views	failure	6230ms	

    Run with debugger
    Assertion 'xhr.status == 200, "standard get should be 200"'
failed: standard get should be 200
    Assertion failed: /head0123456789tail/.test(xhr.responseText)

lots_of_docs	success	1329ms	
method_override	success	1730ms	
multiple_rows	success	2342ms	
oauth	success	15701ms	
proxyauth	success	5462ms	
purge	success	8323ms	
reader_acl	success	11426ms	
recreate_doc	success	10891ms	
reduce	success	38180ms	
reduce_builtin	failure	50824ms	

    Run with debugger
    Assertion failed: == (i - 1) * 10 * 11 + (j + 1) * 11

reduce_false	success	1184ms	
reduce_false_temp	success	1171ms	
replication	success	554998ms	
replicator_db	failure	137115ms	

    Run with debugger
    Assertion failed: typeof repDoc2._replication_state === "undefined"
    Assertion failed: typeof repDoc2._replication_state_time === "undefined"

rev_stemming	failure	10205ms	

    Run with debugger
    Assertion failed:"bar", {revs:
true})._revisions.ids.length == newLimit + 1
    Assertion failed:"bar", {revs:
true})._revisions.ids.length == newLimit + 1

rewrite	success	7711ms	
security_validation	success	26567ms	
show_documents	success	9692ms	
stats	failure	43987ms	

    Run with debugger
    Assertion 'triggered, "We managed to force a all_dbs_active
error."' failed: We managed to force a all_dbs_active error.

update_documents	success	5215ms	
users_db	success	4339ms	
utf8	success	3098ms	
uuids	success	2186ms	
view_collation	success	13409ms	
view_collation_raw	success	7263ms	
view_conflicts	success	2533ms	
view_compaction	success	5684ms	
view_errors	success	7816ms	
view_include_docs	success	7203ms	
view_multi_key_all_docs	success	3578ms	
view_multi_key_design	success	5621ms	
view_multi_key_temp	success	1158ms	
view_offsets	success	23291ms	
view_pagination	success	15272ms	
view_sandboxing	failure	3380ms	

    Run with debugger
    Assertion 'Warning: installed SpiderMonkey version doesn't allow
sealing of arrays' failed: expected '2', got '3'

view_update_seq	success	10399ms	
view_xml	success	1728ms

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