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From Dirkjan Ochtman <>
Subject Re: 1.1.0
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2011 10:33:09 GMT
On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 11:53, Robert Newson <> wrote:
> Damien and Chris say the 1141 behavior is intentional. I'd like to
> open that up for discussion. While it may have been intended, it was
> obviously unknown to Paul and Jan, and, I'd wager, every single user
> of CouchDB and every author of every client library too.
> My view is that the default should be that delete deletes. If there is
> still a case to preserve other metadata (a 'deleted_at' or
> 'deleted_by' field, say), an extra flag would allow that case
> ?preserve_body=true, or something.

I thought the same thing. Perhaps the delete can only preserve fields
prefixed with '_' or even '_delete', but I think the current behavior
is very surprising to users, and thus somewhat harmful.

It would be nice if someone could write a script or view or something
that helps find instances of this.



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