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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject CouchDB MSI installer (alpha release)
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2011 11:11:51 GMT
Hey everybody,

I've just pushed a very ghetto CouchDB installer based on the standard
Windows MSI packaging technology.

If you're confused by now, then you can skip the rest of this email...

There's an MSI raring to go at
but I've not had a fresh box to test on so I hope its not missing any
erlang-fu or couch-fu.

Why is this important? Well, MSI installers deliver a whole lot more
functionality than the current inno setup one:

- configuring windows firewall settings for erl.exe, werl.exe, epmd.exe etc.
- able to be deployed directly to PCs using Active Directory GPO (Group Policy)
- can be chained or integrated into other products cleanly and transparently
- long-term would allow other vendors to piggyback their apps on
Erlang or CouchDB
- extensive dependency management & rollback capabilities
- offers the best approach for deploying updated CouchDB packages in a
large deployment

Features so far:

- it has less functionality than the inno installer we currently use ... but ...
- it's an MSI (woot)
- it doesn't do services (but you can do this yourself using erlsrv.exe anyway)
- it doesn't seem to delete your data on rollback but it does trash
local.ini (not really a feature)
- it has a cooler banner logo than the inno package (really important
but could be improved on)

It's based on free/opensource WarSetup + WixEdit + WiX 3.5 and doesn't
require a commercial release of Visual
Studio to work. There are infinitely better commercial installer
packages but it's important that CouchDB can be
built with a free toolchain.... even if the OS isn't free!

Feedback is a gift -> and
please let me know what features you
would like to see in future.


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