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From Roberto Zicari <>
Subject Benchmarking ORM tools and Object Databases.
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2011 08:20:20 GMT

-------------------------------------------------------------- news -- March 15, 2011.

Benchmarking ORM tools and Object Databases.
An interview with Pieter van Zyl creator of the OO7J benchmark.

by Roberto V. Zicari ( and Srini Penchikala (InfoQ).

OO7J is a Java version of the original OO7 benchmark (written in C++)
from Mike Carey, David DeWitt and Jeff Naughton at the University
of  Wisconsin-Madison. The original benchmark tested Object Databases
(ODBMS) performance. 

OO7J also includes benchmarking Object Relational Mapping (ORM)
tools. Currently there are implementations for Hibernate on
PostgreSQL, MySQL, db4o and Versant databases. 

"The work showed that you could use the OO7 benchmark still to
test today’s persistence frameworks. It really brought out
performance differences between ORM Tools and object databases.
This work is also the first OO7 implementation that tested ORM
tools and compared open source against commercial object
databases" says Pieter van Zyl.

The source code is available on sourceforge. It uses the GNU GPL license.

"What is interesting today is that bench-markers are still not
allowed to publish benchmark result of commercial products. 
Their licensees prohibit it. 
We felt that academics must be allowed to investigate and publish
their results freely. In the end we did comply with the licenses
and submitted the work to the vendors" comments Pieter van Zyl.

“I believe that one should benchmark before making any technology
decisions. People have a lot of opinions of what performs better
but there are usually not enough proof. There are a lot of noise
in the market. Cut through it and benchmark and investigate for yourself”
summarizes Pieter van Zyl.

The full text of the interview is available at the ODBMS Industry
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