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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Fwd: [IANA #411617] Application for port-number: couchdbs
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2011 20:53:32 GMT
Help appreciated.

He raises a good point though, as those links don't work now.

I'm not sure what level of description they require.

Probably nothing more than a handful of paragraphs to explain how CouchDB is a special use-case
for HTTP. In the original submission for TCP 5984, I pointed out that TCP 80 is specifically
reserved for "World Wide Web HTTP." My argument hinged on the fact that CouchDB is expected
to be run on a machine (perhaps on a private interface) that is simultaneously serving up
this kind of "World Wide Web" traffic, and so this warranted a separate port.

Begin forwarded message:

> Dear Noah Slater:
> Thank you for your patience while your application was being reviewed.
> The expert review team still has questions for clarifications with respect
> to your request.  
> - You provided the following for couchdb (#5984):
> Do you have an updated description of the protocol CouchDB over TLS/SSL?
> - It will also be useful to include a fundamental description in 
> the template itself rather than points.  URLs are useful, but they might 
> not be reachable in the future.  IESG requires that the technical 
> description shall be documented in the application for future 
> reference purposes.
> If we do not receive the information within 30 days (i.e. 2011-03-10),
> your request will be resolved without prejudice, as a matter of 
> administrative procedure.

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