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From Caolan McMahon <>
Subject CommonJS module updates
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2011 16:47:36 GMT
As some of you may know, I've been working on a couchapp framework
which makes heavy use of commonjs modules ( While
developing this I've run into a number of issues which prevent the use
of some modules, and makes writing my own more difficult:

1. Modules are not cached - eval'ing a complex application, consisting
of many modules on each request would have an impact on performance.
It also means you can't use modules which use the module object to
store state. This is commonly used by template libraries to store
loaded templates in a cache, or 'memoize' expensive functions.

2. Circular dependencies blow the stack - Its not possible to require
module A from module B, if module B also requires module A. This
happens more often than you might think, and is handled by other
require() implementations by setting the cached module to an empty
object before eval'ing it. The fix for this requires a module cache to
be in place.

Since these are really hindering progress, I've forked on github and
committed my proposed patches with associated tests:

Please, if you have time, review the code and provide me with your feedback.



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