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From Matt Adams <>
Subject New Android build for CouchDB ready for testing
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2011 03:44:37 GMT

I'm happy to note that a new build of CouchDB for Android is ready for
testing.  As of this evening 66 out of 67 tests are passing in the Futon
Test Suite.

Thanks to all who have helped over the past week and a bit.  It's nice
to finally have something working.

Updated build instructions and all related scripts and patches are up at  Tweaks will be
made to this and related items in the next few weeks but the
important thing is what's there is in a testable state.

A highlight of this build is that it uses Spidermonkey from the Firefox
4.0b10 release dated January 21st, 2011.  The majority of the patch
against Couch 1.0.1 was produced by Chris Coulson who was readying
Firefox 4 (and thus Couch) for Natty.

I don't how what the general feeling of the devs is but maybe this would
be a good time to consider pushing newer JSAPI support into a
development branch.  It will help to have this moving forward if you
want to continue with an Android port.  Android is much better supported
by newer versions of Spidermonkey and I suspect that will be the trend
for some time.


Matt Adams
Radical Dynamic

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