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From Simon Metson <>
Subject Re: roadmap
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2011 21:57:27 GMT

> This leads me to another need couchapps (and they're couchAPERS) must
> discuss - Standardization.  I imagine it will be 'hard' if we don't begin to
> standardize some of the aspects of couchapps.  For example - blog posts.
> There should be a standard way of 'inputting' blog posts into ones of
> couch, such that others may easily 'replicate' or 'pull from' peoples blogs
> and have them appear on their couches.  Of course this 'standardization'
> should also not limit ones ability to change the code.
> Same thing goes for messaging.  It would be nice if we would start forming a
> standardized 'messaging' system such that messages posted on users A blog
> will (to steal from Jan) automagically appear on users B blog.  (think
> I.R.C. amongst couches).

I'm not sure I agree with this level of standardisation, especially as one of the most important
features (to me, at least) of CouchDB is the flexible nature of the documents. Why should
a blog written using blog-couchappA be transportable to blog-couchappB? There are (hopefully)
good reasons why blog-couchappB was written instead of contributing to blog-couchappA (maybe
one is more text based while the other is more for making podcasts, or whatever). That doesn't
stop you pulling both blogs into your private couch instance, but they'll be different databases
running different code (which IMHO is fine). 

I do think codifying what is already there as a "standard" might be a good idea, and having
a standard suite of tests that you can run against a couchapp created by different CouchApp
implementations (think I got the capitalisation right...) would be useful, it seems that enough
people want to recreate the current code base in their favourite language that this will be
needed before too long.
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