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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: CouchOne + Membase = Couchbase
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2011 19:55:55 GMT

On 8 Feb 2011, at 19:26, Paul Davis wrote:

>> A few months ago, I read about BigCouch:
>>    BigCouch = (CouchDB + Amazon Dynamo clustering theory)
>> That sounds neat, and I was getting the impression this was done in Erlang in such
a way it could become part of core and was excited for it.
> It is and there's still a general agreement that it will be. The
> issues holding it back are mostly technical in that we need to
> refactor our source tree which is being held up by things like waiting
> for the new replicator to land.
>> Now I'm trying to figure out what Couchbase is, and my reading indicates:
>>    Couchbase = (Memcached + magic) + (CouchDB + ponies)
>> Will these new dependencies make CouchDB harder to compile and use for personal deployments?
How does merging in an in-memory cache provide the clustered resiliency I was hoping would
be possible by using BigCouch? I'd never heard of Membase before last night, so I guess I'm
just feeling a bit like a nervous IT guy hearing the platform he relies on is about to change
in ways he doesn't understand.
> Couchbase is not Apache CouchDB. There are no new dependencies that
> are suddenly going to be required by CouchDB.
>> I'd feel more comfortable if I knew what the magic and ponies really were at a code
base level, so I could understand better how they will change things for me and my little
Couch apps. I can tell the CouchOne guys are excited about this, though, and trust it means
good things for the CouchDB community.
> For the foreseeable future, absolutely nothing is going to change for
> you. Its always possible that we'll start to see some patches coming
> back from Couchbase employees into Apache CouchDB, but as with all
> other development they'll go through the same development processes
> we've been using since CouchDB came to Apache.

Spot on, all of it, thanks Paul :)


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