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From Gabriel Farrell <>
Subject Re: Source tree refactoring - TESTERS NEEDED
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2010 22:28:01 GMT
Tested on Maverick on a netbook (sorry, Ubuntu is all I got). JSpec
tests wouldn't run (Chromium 8.0.552.215). When I go to I get a blank screen that
displays only "JSpec 3.3.2".

Futon test report at

On Sat, Dec 4, 2010 at 5:43 PM, Paul Davis <> wrote:
> Heya,
> I've just finished getting the refactoring of the source tree to be
> more compliant with OTP source code layout. This is a pretty big move
> so I'd like at least a couple other people to test this. If you have a
> platform that is not OS X or Ubuntu, consider this an extra special
> request so that we have confidence that I haven't broken one of the
> uncommon platforms.
> The repo for the scripts and patches are at [1]. You should be able to
> get a fully refactored couch with:
>    $ git clone git://
>    $ cd couchdb-srcmv
>    $ ./
> Once you have that, there's a couchdb.git subdirectory that is a
> checkout of the entire source tree. Once there, you can build and test
> couchdb as per normal. Also, I would appreciate anyone that goes the
> extra effort and runs the install into a tmp location and runs the
> Futon tests on the installed version to make sure everything still
> passes.
> Ideally I'd like to get this into trunk fairly shortly so that it has
> as long as possible to sit in trunk before we cut 1.2.x. Let me know
> if there are any comments or complaints on it.
> Paul Davis
> [1]

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