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From Nandha <>
Subject Help needed for replicating from Cloud to Andriod
Date Tue, 28 Dec 2010 06:32:32 GMT
Hi All,

I am looking for help to setup continuous replication on Android 
Emulator (Android 2.2).

For example, If I try to replicate (continuous replication) from cloud 
instance to Android Emulator instance using Futon interface,

Replicate changes from > Remote database :
to: destination (local database on Android Emulator)

I am noticing the following error message in LogCat,
12-27 22:43:08.594: VERBOSE/CouchDB(268): [info] [<0.1410.0>] starting 
new replication "635cbba08625414409cac4728709256e+continuous" at <0.1428.0>
12-27 22:43:08.624: VERBOSE/CouchDB(268): [info] [<0.1410.0>] 
- - 'POST' /_replicate 202
12-27 22:43:15.524: VERBOSE/CouchDB(268): [info] [<0.1428.0>] recording 
a checkpoint for -> destination at 
source update_seq 19
12-27 22:43:18.114: DEBUG/SntpClient(59): request time failed: Address family not supported by protocol

Your help for resolving this issue is greatly appreciated.

I would like to also convey that the same scenario perfectly works on 
desktop CouchDB that is continuous replication from Cloud instance to 
Desktop instance.


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