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From Paul Davis <>
Subject Re: CouchDB easy-issue list of closed/resolved issues
Date Mon, 08 Nov 2010 16:58:38 GMT
On Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 7:49 AM, Bram Neijt <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm new at couchdb and was pointed towards the easy-issues. I think
> the list needs some cleaning up, because it's hard see which issues
> actually need work.
> Here are some of the issues that seem to be closed/fixed from the list[1]
>  Seems closed, mentioned message is nolonger in the source anywhere
>  There is no real work doable at this moment. There is a patch and it
> should be either accepted or the issue should just be closed.
>  Comment says finished, so it only needs review?
>  Patch waiting for review.
>  Discussed and different patches given. Some project lead should
> touch this (aka, no-longer an easy issue).
>  Has a patch already, but I may still consider building a unit test for this.
>  However, this bug is invalid, there is no point at which we can say
> "there are no spelling errors anymore", so this patch should be
> applied and the issue closed.
> I think I could go on, but before I do I would like some opinions on
> this. For example, if a simple issue has a patch, how do we move these
> issues along?
> Greets,
> Bram
> [1]

None of 811, 920, 725, and 922 are listed as open in when I visit that
link. That JIRA url *should* be restricted to only unresolved/open
tickets. If not its probably some session crap that I had active when
I made it. Or perhaps people just forgot to close those issues before
you pointed them out.

For 348, there isn't a complete patch. The last one that Matt Goodall
posted looks closest but is missing the import of the mimeparse
library code. The end patch should do what was pointed out, but I
still think this is the right list. If you need help figuring out the
build system modifications for the import, feel free to ask me for
help on that point.

917 has been applied and closed.

To get a discussion moving on a specific ticket feel free to add a
comment with a summary of your opinion on what the current state is
and where it should go. If its a "all questions have been answered,
and here's a patch" then we most likely just forgot about it. In the
case of 348, no one ever presented a complete patch, so it's just sat
there. In other words, doing exactly what you're doing here is how to
get things moving. :D

Paul Davis

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