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From Jason Smith <>
Subject Re: Futon2
Date Fri, 19 Nov 2010 19:17:48 GMT
I maintain a backport of this code to the 1.0.x branch.

Notably the has some fixes to keep `make install` working.
It is not official. It is also a source-code level backport, with some
things possibly not compatible; the _replicator db comes to mind.

However I for one love it. As a shortcut, you can check out the code
and simply copy the share/www directory to your install to try out the
new futon.

We also have it in /_utils2 in CouchOne couches so if you have a
hosted couch let me know and I'll enable it for you.

On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 5:21 AM, Mikeal Rogers <> wrote:
> I've been working for some time now on a rewrite of Futon. It's not in a
> state we can start working on a merge in to trunk. I don't have any known
> bugs and all the features are there although I'm sure there are some UI
> tweaks we'll want to continue to make.
> I've added a JIRA ticket and a patch
> Here is the description from the ticket
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> This is a complete rewrite of Futon as a single page app using sammy.js.
> I've been working on it for some time at
> Changes
> -------------
> - Everything expect for session.html is loaded dynamically as a content
> replace to index.html.
> - The total amount of javascript loaded at any time is about 1/3, a
> combination of removing abstractions and some very large jQuery plugins.
> - Load times for all pages is dramatically reduced
> - URL structure of futon now mimics the CouchDB REST API except at #/
> - An intended side-effect of the new URL structure is that the button to
> pull up the current page as a request to CouchDB works *everywhere*
> - Unified error handling (Any network or HTTP error is now displayed as
> error bubbled at the top of the page content)
> - All "paging" is now done inline making the loads faster and more usable
> - Many dialogs have been removed in favor of simpler UI elements (as a side
> effect it's more mobile friendly).
> - All dbinfo is in database page as well as the "total size" calculated from
> the db size and the size of all the views.
> - db page includes support for start/end queries against _all_docs
> - Stats page now includes all info from _stats
> - added _changes page
> - Cleaned up loading of test files (faster and parallelized now). The test
> are now automatically sorted alpha regardless of the order in the array
> definition.
> - New Document viewer/editor
> -- In-line "auto-save"
> -- Full revision information and restoration
> -- New UI shows all arrays and objects as initially collapsed to improve
> handling of large docs.
> -- Load time, even with incredibly large objects, is almost instance (a
> combination of not using a table and only creating elements in the expanded
> view after you click to expand them)
> - New Views Page
> -- Emphasis is now on building queries with building view functions a
> secondary function.
> -- All view options exposed, options now allowed are disabled.
> -- All queries can be built in this view and then
> -- Creating new views, and editing views, is now a process of editing and
> saving design documents, all usage of temp views has been removed.
> -- include_docs expand/collapse when in query

Jason Smith
CouchOne Hosting

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