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From Mirko Kiefer <>
Subject problem with couchjs when using build-couchdb
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2010 15:19:42 GMT
I am having problems with couchjs when installing CouchDB from trunk 
using build-couchdb on Mac OS X 10.6:
rake git="git:// trunk"

As soons as CouchDB is calculating a view (a very small one) I'm getting 
tons of:
OS Process Error <0.429.0> :: {os_process_error,{exit_status,1}}

When I do a manual compile from the same source (I have all dependencies 
already installed) everything works fine.
After replacing couchjs on the build-couchdb created install with the 
manually compiled one, it works fine, too.

Hope someone can help on this. We are trying to document some install 
instructions for people who want to try the LivelyCouch framework 
( It needs the latest 
version of CouchDB including the new OS process and proxy handling.


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