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From Benoit Chesneau <>
Subject Re: Using rebar to install couchdb
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2010 21:19:10 GMT
On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 9:29 PM, Paul Davis <> wrote:

> Just a quick note. I started actual (minimal) work on this last night.
> After a bit of poking I'm starting to think that rebar isn't going to
> support vpath builds without some contribution back to rebar. I'm not
> against adding this but I also haven't gotten in touch with Dave Smith
> yet to see what he thinks of adding it to begin with. So at the
> moment, its a bit up in the air whether we can actually have a rebar
> dependency for compiling CouchDB. I'm still very much focusing on at
> least making it possible to use rebar via autotools, its just a matter
> of whether that's via `GCC=rebar make` or some other mechanism.

Nit sure what do you mean exactly here. What we could do is a
configure generating the rebar.config or if not possible directly via
a make macro.  My first idea was:

configure -> generate different mae files + config, make using rebar to compile

> As I was looking through the rebar sources, I also realized that
> there's a quite clean API for invoking the compiler. The actual build
> loop of rebar is fairly slim, so I'm not entirely discounting writing
> a slimmer rebar clone that we can hack on to our liking to make sure
> it fits with autotools. Obviously this is the least desirable path
> right now but I just wanted to mention its not out of the realm of
> possibility.
> Also, I'm starting to fear how easy the SVN migration is going to be.
> I haven't spent that much time going over the various svn behaviors,
> but I wouldn't be suprised if we get to a point where this will have
> to be a multi-commit episode over a weekend. If it happens that we'll
> need to do this in multiple commits I'll probably setup a mirror of
> the ASF repo so we can test the whole process before applying it to
> trunk.
> I put up a very empty repo [1] last night where I'll be focusing work
> on this. There's not a whole lot to it right now. If you want to help
> out with testing or hacking on the scripts, send me a message on
> github and I'll add you to the committers list for that repo.

Do we really need a script for that ? Like I read it the script allows
us to easily move in svn the files. Why not at first move like the
original plan everything in its own folder (couchdb_core,
couchdb_htpp, ...) and then use the current make file mecanism ? After
that we could think to put in rebar.

Wjhat do you think ?

- benoƮt

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