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From Chas Emerick <>
Subject CouchDB wiki updates (spec vs. impl docs)
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2010 12:57:41 GMT
In the course of discussing _changes' `since` in #couchdb, kocolosk  
and I talked a bit about the differences in the core HTTP API between  
single-node couchdb proper, and "alternative" implementations of it  
(e.g. lounge and bigcouch):

A number of values there are explicitly specified as integers, whereas  
e.g. bigcouch uses strings (since, update_seq, instance_start_time,  
etc) AFAIK.  I'm sure there are a variety of other differences.

Before I updated the wiki, I stopped short to post here and ask:

Is the documentation @ intended to define the  
"couchdb API specification", or simply to describe the single-node  
couchdb server's implementation of it (were such a separate spec to  


- Chas

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