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From Tom Bichay <>
Subject continuous connection with jquery
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2010 17:06:24 GMT


I am trying to implement a continuous _changes connection to couchdb (cloudant) with jQuery
from a different domain (that's why I am using JSONP).


           url: ""+geocha.channelId,
           dataType: "jsonp",
           jsonp: ""

where "" is my callback function, I would expect to get invoked each
time the continuous connection gets a new object.

But it does not.

It connects correctly to the correct couchdb server and I can inspect the correct returned
json (even when I am saving new documents), but I am not able to invoke any function for changes.
I tried to append an onreadystatechange event listener:

var connection = $.ajax({
           url: ""+geocha.channelId,
           dataType: "jsonp",
           jsonp: ""

connection.onreadystatechange =;

But as a JSONP-Connection is not a real XMLHttpRequest object that is not possible.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

I tried heaps of different things ($.get, $.getJSON, $.jsonp plugin). But it is always the
same problem.

I just need a way to invoke a function for each new arriving json.

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