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From Chris Anderson <>
Subject CommonJS in map and reduce
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2010 14:55:05 GMT

Mikeal and I were talking and we came up with a sane way to do
CommonJS in map and reduce.

Refresher: we don't have CommonJS require there now because the
current CommonJS implementation is scoped to the whole design doc, and
giving views access to load code from anywhere in the design doc would
mean we'd have to blow away your view index anytime you changed
anything. Having to rebuild views from scratch just because you
changed some CSS or a show function isn't fun,so we avoided the issue
by keeping CommonJS require out of map and reduce altogether.

The solution we came up with is to allow CommonJS inside map and
reduce funs, but only of libraries that are stored inside the views
part of the design doc.

So you could continue to access CommonJS code in, from
your list functions etc, but we'd add the ability to require CommonJS
modules within map and reduce, but only from design_doc.views.lib

There's no worry here about namespace collisions, as Couch just plucks
views.*.map and views.*.reduce out of the design doc. So you could
have a view called "lib" if you wanted, and still have CommonJS stored
in views.lib.sha1 and views.lib.stemmer if you wanted.

We could allow CommonJS modules to be stored anywhere in ddoc.views,
but I think it will simplify the implementation to enforce that they
be stored in views.lib -- if people think that is too restrictive,
please speak up now, otherwise I'll start to implement this.


Chris Anderson

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