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From Andrey Somov <>
Subject Re: escript tests
Date Mon, 27 Sep 2010 17:01:17 GMT
> They're maintained, but they're not widely run outside the main
> committers. If you have issues or patches for them we'd be glad to
> have them so they run everywhere.
It was a problem with my setup.

>> 2. '020-btree-bacisc.t' test only works with big lists. When the
>> rows() method returns less then 40 then the test fail. Does it mean
>> that the BTree does not work with small portions of data ? May the
>> test be changed (or added) to be able to process 3-5 values because it
>> would be much more convenient to follow the execution with the
>> debugger ?
> That's unintentional. I can't say I've ever tried running with a small
> number of rows. If its a simple change I'd be willing to add it. If it
> becomes a big change I'd probably ask you to add another test to
> exercise things with smaller numbers of rows.
I checked the test, but I could not locate the problem. If I can
identify the cause I will report it.

>... the best place to report them is in JIRA and not here.
No problem.

Thank you.

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