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From Norman Barker <>
Subject Fwd: scalable bloom filters in couchdb
Date Sun, 26 Sep 2010 18:09:36 GMT

many thanks, scalable bloom filters is a very useful addition to the
CouchDB MultiView code and I look forward to testing this with
CouchDB. I have cc'd the couch list to acknowledge your contribution.

Thanks again,


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From: Paulo Sérgio Almeida <>
Date: 2010/9/26
Subject: Re: scalable bloom filters in couchdb
To: Norman Barker <>

On 9/26/10 4:59 PM, Norman Barker wrote:
> Paulo,
> I have put your scalable bloom filter into couchdb
> as a very quick method of intersecting two or more couchdb 'views'.
> It is working well, mainly due to your implementation of scalable
> bloom filters, so thank you!

You are welcome. It is always nice to know that the code is useful for

> Though bloom.erl is under ths EPL, which license is bitarray.erl and
> bitarray.erl-hipe-bifs under, can we have your permission to use this
> code in CouchDB?

Sure. Those (specially the 3 liner with hipe-bifs) were so small I
forgot to include a license. I guess I was a bit lazy.

Best Regards,

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