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From Benoit Chesneau <>
Subject splitting the code in different apps or rewrite httpd layer
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2010 09:09:04 GMT
Hi all,

I work a lot these days around the httpd code and the more I work on
the more I think we should refactor it to make it easier to hack and
extend.  There is indeed a lot of code in one module (couch_httpd_db)
and recent issue like vhost and location rewriting could be easier to
solve if we had an http layer more organized in my opinion.

Actually we do (in 1.0.1 or trunk) :

request -> couch_httpd loop -> request_handler -> check vhost and
eventually rewrite url -> request_int -> request_db -> request
doc|request _design | request attachment | request global handler |
request misc handler

with extra level : request_design -> rewrite handler|
show|lists|update\lview ... and request_int that catch all errors and
has the responsibility to send errors if anything happend and wasn't
catched on other layers.

It could be easier. We could do it more resource oriented for example
than it is. 1 module, 1 resource. Refactoring httpd code would also
allow us to reuse more code than we do actually maybe by wrapping api.

How :

- Some times ago we started to port it using webmachine with davisp,
but we didn't finish. Maybe it's a good time ? Or do we want to follow
another way ?

- If we go on this refactoring it could be also a good time to split
couchdb in different apps : couchdb-core and couchdb foe example
(maybe couchdb-appengine ?) so we could develop independantly each
levels and make code history cleaner.

Thoughts ?

- benoit

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