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From J Chris Anderson <>
Subject Re: Migrating Wiki to a CouchApp
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2010 14:49:18 GMT
Glad to see people are excited!

I am willing to take (continue) ownership / maintenance of the Pages CouchApp. 

The project of keeping the current wiki in sync with the CouchApp version is a horse of a
different color. Once the raw dump is done, there needs to be some cleanup. Obviously with
that cleanup, reimporting new changes from the old wiki becomes harder. So at some point the
new wiki will have a hard break from the old one. 

At that point it would make sense to encourage visitors to the old wiki, to visit the new
wiki instead.

I am not a fan of leaving ghost town wikis around. So one thing I think we need to do, is
configure MoinMoin to make 301 redirects from eg


Also, the domain name is a bit ridiculous, so before we set redirects
up, we should move the new wiki to I'm not sure if there's an issue here
that this is not under an domain. It could be moved to
for all I care, except that doing that will probably involve more logistical headaches.

Also currently the demo wiki is hosted on Couchio servers, which we are happy to provide.
There is some question as to whether we should stay on Apache Infrastructure. I'm happy to
defer to Apache old-timers here. My instinct is always toward expedience, so I'm maybe not
the one to make this judgement call. IMHO, the issue of running on non-Apache infra is strongly
mitigated by the fact that it's a CouchDB, not some godforsaken bundle of directories, permissions,
and .htaccess files.

If folks want to help, compiling a list of the pages on this new wiki that didn't translate
well automatically, would be helpful. Fixing them by hand won't be necessary. If you see a
broken page, just add it to this list:

Once we have a few broken pages, I'll go back and patch the import script to do a better job
of importing them. After a few iterations, we may be down to just a handful of manual edits
that need to be done, when we flip the switch to the new wiki.

As far as features on Pages that we need to complete before this switch is viable, the top
ones to my mind are:

* Atom feeds of recent changes and comments.
* Some variety of safe-Markdown (currently it's wide open to script-injection attacks).
* Editable history so that an old version can be promoted as the current version.

None of these are that hard to write, and they are part of the natural course of things that
the wiki software needs anyway.

On Aug 13, 2010, at 3:39 AM, Robert Dionne wrote:

> nice, it is very snappy. I could see this would encourage more use.
> The home link is out of sync with the FrontPage. 

Thanks. I'll think about how to fix that. I'd like to avoid deploying the CouchDB version
of the wiki as a fork of the basic Pages codebase, so maybe it's worth it to rename FrontPage
to index, and put a pointer (or redirect) to index on the FrontPage.

> Oddly I'm not able to clone the github source without first cloning it.

You broke my brain. Come again?

> Anyway the issue with the home link seems to be in profileReady/mustache.html, it points
to "index" which is a WIKI page not yet created
> I can certainly live without email notifications. I don't need anymore email
> On Aug 13, 2010, at 1:48 AM, J Chris Anderson wrote:
>> Devs,
>> With the help of code from Sebastian Cohnen and Paul Davis, I've imported the wiki
currently at to a CouchApp.
>> Here it is:
>> The work is still preliminary. I haven't vetted all the content, and the wiki software
itself still needs to be polished. But I think in the long run we will be better off as a
project to host our wiki on CouchDB.
>> First of all, the response time when you click a link will be faster (yay not being
a slow cgi script!) Second, the code is a CouchApp, so not only will we all be able to help
improve it, we can easily replicate the wiki offline for editing, etc.
>> In the long run it would make sense to ship a copy of the wiki with CouchDB (or at
least make replicating a local instance of it super-simple).
>> There are some missing features. The most notable one that I don't plan to implement,
is email notifications of changes to pages. I haven't added Atom feeds of recent-changes yet,
but I think that can make up for the missing email feature. What do you think? If email is
crucial to migrating away from MoinMoin, it is possible. 
>> The other missing feature that I think is critical, is some built-in way to revert
to old points in the history of a page. Currently history is stored but to revert would require
writing some more code.
>> Code is here for those who want to hack:
>> Hope you are as excited about this as me!
>> Chris

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