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From Adam Kocoloski <>
Subject Re: data recovery tool progress
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2010 17:53:10 GMT
Another update.  This morning I took a different tack and, rather than try to find root nodes,
I just looked for all kv_nodes in the file and treated each of those as a separate virtual
DB to be replicated.  This reduces the algorithmic complexity of the repair, and it looks
like testwritesdb repairs in ~30 minutes or so.  Also, this method results in the lost+found
DB containing every document, not just the missing ones.

My branch does not currently include Randall's parallelization of the replications.  It's
still CPU-limited, so that may be a worthwhile optimization.  On the other hand, I think we
may be reaching a stage at which performance for this repair tool is 'good enough', and pmaps
can make error handling a bit dicey.

In short, I think this tool is now in good shape.

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