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From Wendall Cada <>
Subject Re: [REPORT] CouchDB
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2010 16:24:56 GMT
  Often times, I also have an issue with focus on commercial developers. 
However, with CouchDB specifically, the commercial developers are also 
the most active and helpful community members. Does it make a difference 
if you just say Couchio and Cloudant or give the specific developer 
names? If it does, I suppose those developers names could be used, but 
really this will just be translated into Couchio and Cloudant for 
everyone involved, effectively rendering this a non-issue.

Just my 2 cents. :)


On 08/17/2010 06:32 AM, Sebastian Cohnen wrote:
> (resent with cc to board@, sorry!)
> Developers (no matter if commercial or not) are part of the community like everybody
else, IMHO.
> On 17.08.2010, at 05:23, Greg Stein wrote:
>> I don't want to hear updates about commercial developers. It is
>> somewhat interesting, but should not comprise half of the project's
>> report.
>> What has the Apache CouchDB PMC done over the reporting period? What
>> is the status of the community? Any new committers or PMC members? Are
>> there any Board-level or legal issues that came up and/or need to be
>> resolved? I'd like to hear what the *project* is doing.
>> Cheers,
>> -g
>> On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 19:02, Damien Katz<>  wrote:
>>> This is the Apache Board report for August 2010.
>>> Apache CouchDB is a distributed JSON document database with HTTP API.
>>> 1.0.0 and 0.11.1 Released In July.
>>> Discovered a data-inaccessibility bug pertaining to the 1.0 release.
>>> Community developers quickly released a detailed announcement and repair tool
>>> both receiving praise from users.
>>> Just released 0.11.2 and 1.0.1 as maintenance versions, the later containing
>>> fix for the aforementioned bug
>>> Couchio released and maintains turn-key Apache CouchDB installer for Linux
>>> users.
>>> Lots of name recognition on a CouchDB application hosting and reporting the
>>> Afghanistan Wikileaks data.
>>> Couchio ported CouchDB for Android. Download and update through the
>>> marketplace. iOS support is underway.
>>> Cloudant makes fascinating teaser blog post about their high-availability
>>> CouchDB clusters for their hosting service.

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