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From Miles Fidelman <>
Subject Re: why erlang?
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2010 20:26:56 GMT
Noah Slater wrote:
> On 16 Aug 2010, at 20:52, Miles Fidelman wrote:
>> Actually, I'd dispute that.  The INTERNET is perhaps the largest system ever built,
the web rides on top of a lot of lower level infrastructure.  There's a lot of other stuff
riding on top of the underlying IP infrastructure - email, VoIP, chat, etc. - which don't
rely on HTTP.  (Note: I speak as someone who dates back to almost the beginning - I spent
a good part of my career at BBN, just as we were transitioning the ARPANET to TCP/IP, and
it was serving as the hub of the then fledgling Internet).
> I was anticipating this response. :)
> My reply would be to state that the Web subsumes the Internet in many ways.
My reply would be that I sure hope not.  The trend toward pushing lower 
level functionality on top of application layer protocols really breaks 
a lot of the resiliency and flexibility that comes from layering.
>> True.  Though, it has also lead to (IMHO) abortions such as SOAP - which Dave Winer
initially wrote as a way to use HTTP to tunnel traffic through firewalls.
> I think you mean XML-RPC, but they're both as bad as each other.
Fair point.
> In either case, they are so hilariously against everything the Web stands for, it's not
really applicable!
Unfortunately, lots of people are violating what the web stands for 
these days.  Just take a look at "apps" - silos by another name.

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
In<fnord>  practice, there is.   .... Yogi Berra

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