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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: Website redesign
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2010 21:52:59 GMT
Hi Klaus, all,

I'm happy to help working on "the blue design", apparently this
completely went under my radar. I'll have a closer look tomorrow. 
I'm sorry I went with this in a wild-west manner, but my impression
was that there wasn't any movement on the website front since
winter and wanted to get at least some change out. I clearly have 
been wrong and I'll rectify this tomorrow :) Sorry again!


On 9 Jul 2010, at 21:38, Klaus Trainer wrote:

>> last I checked it was just the front page that had been done. I was
>> surprised to see the patch also, but I do like movement.
> I also like movement, but I don't think that this one has been to the
> better. Moreover, the project website might be too important to just
> switch its design without community consensus.
> Personally, I've liked the project website just because all important
> links were clearly arranged in the sidebar.
> In order to get all the important links, people now have to go to the
> wiki (over the "Documentation" link).
> When I'm looking for the dev mailing list, I need to follow the
> "Documentation" -link.
> If I'm looking for the repository, there is a website:
> ...but where is a link to it? I couldn't find any, not even in the wiki!
> Furthermore, the fact that the red navigation bar takes the full screen
> width, but the header and the content body not, is quite irritation.
> In my eyes, nearly all those changes are for the worse and have to be
> fixed!
>> it'd be a lot of work to bring the other pages into the blue design (I
>> think)
> Regarding the blue design, my opinion is that the start page it's really
> stunning. I also like the sidebar with the revised naming and the more
> use-case-oriented focus.
> I'd like to propose a simple solution for the other pages (beside
> index.html) and therefore ported the downloads page to the blue design
> ( I've simply adopted the
> header and breadcrumbs from the "traditional" design.
> If enough people say that they'd prefer the blue design, I'd be willing
> to also port the rest (approx. 10 pages).
> I know that regarding the blue design, as it is, there is space for some
> fine tuning. Nonetheless, I think we should find out whether people
> (you!) generally like it or not before scrapping it.
> - Klaus

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