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From Klaus Trainer <>
Subject Re: Website redesign
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2010 19:38:22 GMT
> last I checked it was just the front page that had been done. I was
> surprised to see the patch also, but I do like movement.

I also like movement, but I don't think that this one has been to the
better. Moreover, the project website might be too important to just
switch its design without community consensus.

Personally, I've liked the project website just because all important
links were clearly arranged in the sidebar.

In order to get all the important links, people now have to go to the
wiki (over the "Documentation" link).

When I'm looking for the dev mailing list, I need to follow the
"Documentation" -link.

If I'm looking for the repository, there is a website:
...but where is a link to it? I couldn't find any, not even in the wiki!

Furthermore, the fact that the red navigation bar takes the full screen
width, but the header and the content body not, is quite irritation.

In my eyes, nearly all those changes are for the worse and have to be

> it'd be a lot of work to bring the other pages into the blue design (I
> think)

Regarding the blue design, my opinion is that the start page it's really
stunning. I also like the sidebar with the revised naming and the more
use-case-oriented focus.

I'd like to propose a simple solution for the other pages (beside
index.html) and therefore ported the downloads page to the blue design
( I've simply adopted the
header and breadcrumbs from the "traditional" design.

If enough people say that they'd prefer the blue design, I'd be willing
to also port the rest (approx. 10 pages).

I know that regarding the blue design, as it is, there is space for some
fine tuning. Nonetheless, I think we should find out whether people
(you!) generally like it or not before scrapping it.

- Klaus

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