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From J Chris Anderson <>
Subject Share Test Reports
Date Mon, 07 Jun 2010 17:14:06 GMT

I've just committed an enhancement to Futon that makes it easy to replicate the contents of
your local test_suite_reports db to

When people start sharing their reports we'll find this to be a very valuable resource. For
instance, run this view with reduce=true and group_level=3, to see how many test runs the
community has shared from each day.

I've taken pains to make it clear via the UI that sharing test reports is entirely voluntary
and will broadcast no personally identifying information.

To see the new feature, update trunk and look at the test runner page in Futon. (There's a
new button at the top.) has been around on and off for a while. This time, expect it to
be reliable. If anyone has anything they'd like to host there for the community, create a
thread on the list, and we'll create a database for you.

Comments welcome!

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