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From Göran Krampe <>
Subject Re: CouchDB Clients?
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2010 09:30:39 GMT
On 06/12/2010 12:35 AM, Mikeal Rogers wrote:
> I'm working on blog post about CouchDB clients for different languages
> and I was hoping to get some help from the crowd on this one.
> What CouchDB clients are available for each language?
> What ones are good and well supported?
> Which ones are just plain aweful?
> Which languages/platforms just have plain bad HTTP support?

I wrote the Divan library for C# (for a customer) and now it has taken 
on a "life of its own" with a couple of developers (including the 
customer) moving it forward:

So I would call it supported (but not mainly by me anymore) and I think 
it is fairly good. But there doesn't seem to be many C# Couchers :).

regards, Göran

PS. Just put out an example project that I whipped up for a presentation 
to show a bit more on how one can use Divan:

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