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From Randall Leeds <>
Subject ibrowse queue
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2010 21:46:06 GMT
Thanks to Filipe's patch, the replicator now has configurable
concurrency and pipeline length.

ibrowse enforces these two variables, returning {error, retry_later}
when there is no connection with space in the pipeline available.
These limits are set on per Host-Port combination. As such, they are
shared across concurrent replications between hosts.

In preparation for lowering the concurrency in our production setup, I
was reasoning through potential problems and came upon the following

Due to
  1) low pipeline/concurrency settings
  2) many concurrent replications to/from the same host
ibrowse could return a lot of {error, retry_later} responses. In a
particularly nasty/busy scenario this could cause replications to fail
since couch_rep_reader has a fixed number of requests it will
*attempt* to issue (100).

  (100 requests/replication) * (n concurrent replications) >>>
max_http_sessions * max_http_pipeline_size
  replications may fail when in fact there are no network errors.

I propose to make couch_rep_httpc catch {error, retry_later} and treat
it specially. Specifically, it should not decrement the retry count.

My questions are:
  1) should there still be an exponential backoff for this retry?
  2) would you be in favor of committing this patch?

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