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From J Chris Anderson <>
Subject Re: CouchDB brand identity and design of
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2010 06:07:58 GMT

On Apr 13, 2010, at 12:21 PM, James Fisher wrote:

> Apalling internet connection atm.  Try:


Your site design has growing on me all day. Especially when I picture it with the old Myriad
logo and a toned-down cyan background color. You've inspired me to write copy that I hope
tells the CouchDB story in a way that's been lacking on the current site, emphasizing the
use cases for which CouchDB is uniquely suited.

I'd love feedback from people, mostly about direction and tone. I'm sure we'll do a spelling
etc pass before anything goes live. Right now I'm just interested in the big section headers,
and the overall points. Are there other big headings missing? Should one of the topics be
addressed in a different way?

Cross posting to dev because I think site design and copy is one of those things that should
be discussed on both lists.

Here it is:


Time to Relax
Goodbye, schemas and SQL, hello JSON and Map Reduce. Apache CouchDB is a database built for
the web.

Ground Computing
CouchDB solves the data-island problem for you, so you can write offline capable applications
using a simple document model. Peer-based replication allows for flexible deployments, data-sharing
between organizations, and no-hassle backups. Running CouchDB on the client with continuous
replication to remote servers also offers better latency and reliability than traditional
three-tier architectures. Ground computing is the future of the web.
Web Scale
CouchDB's Erlang and REST-based implementation is designed to scale from a smartphone to a
data-center, and beyond. It presents the same API whether running on a small local instance,
a multi-terabyte eventually-consistent cluster, or an ad-hoc network of collaborators.
CouchDB uses append-only storage, never touching any bytes already written to disk. This means
once an update is committed, it is durable -- even truncating a CouchDB database file yields
a consistent snapshot of an older version of the database. Writes are contiguous, giving CouchDB
predictable performance even under heavily concurrent write load.
CouchDB is queried using Map Reduce functions written in JavaScript (or your language of choice).
Map Reduce's flexibility you can start saving your data today, and adapt your queries as your
application evolves, without migrating your data formats. CouchDB's views are optimized for
(soft) real-time workloads, rather than large batch operations. Thanks to the MVCC data model,
CouchDB's views are suitable for banking and other operations that require consistency.
CouchDB is deployed by the BBC, Meebo, Cloudant and Ubuntu One. It ships as a core feature
of Ubuntu Linux. There are access libraries available in nearly every language.


I'd like to pepper this text with hyperlinks to blog-posts and other documentation, case-studies,
etc. We could expand the list of users in the last section by a couple of names, if people
have suggestions.


> On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 8:12 PM, Julian Moritz <>wrote:
>> Hi,
>> James Fisher schrieb:
>>> I've no idea if I can attach PNGs here, but here goes.  Find attached
>>> one proposed design.  Only Inkscape atm, but I should be able to convert
>>> to HTML with little fuss.  A few notes:
>>> Let me know if
>> no png attached. Seems you've been interupted while writing this email?
>> Regards
>> Julian
>>> On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 2:05 PM, Noah Slater <
>>> <>> wrote:
>>>    On 13 Apr 2010, at 13:54, James Fisher wrote:
>>>> Certainly will do.  I'm doing some rough sketches now; might get
>>>    something
>>>> up in the next couple of days.
>>>    Please take a look at these designs:
>>>    Homepage:
>>>    Homepage/Downloads:
>>>    Homepage/Screenshots:
>>>    Wiki:
>>>    Wiki/Syntax reference:
>>>    I think we all agreed at the time that this was a good way forward
>>>    for the site.
>>>    Search the dev mailing list for "Website redesign" and maybe get in
>>>    touch with:
>>>           maddiin < <mailto:
>>>    He was doing most of the work on this last time!
>>>    Thanks,
>>>    N

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