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From J Chris Anderson <>
Subject Re: 1.0 Code Management
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2010 02:34:39 GMT

On Apr 6, 2010, at 7:00 PM, Randall Leeds wrote:

> I know I would like to throw some patches down in the coming weeks and while
> i'd love for some to hit 1.0 I recognize the need for extreme conservatism
> with respect to the 1.0 branch as adoption picks up for a stable release.
> +1 on cutting 1.0 from the 0.11.x branch. In my head 1.0 === 0.11.1.

I agree on branching 1.0.x from 0.11.x, and not restricting trunk.

There is some stuff in trunk (and a lot of stuff on Jira) that should go into 0.11.1. I plan
to do some patch vetting and applying over the next couple of weeks.

I can imagine 0.11.1 being released before 1.0 -- maybe 0.11.1 really will be treated as a
release candidate for 1.0, so we can get a lot of eyes on it, and branch 1.0 from the 0.11.x
branch after we've had a chance to make sure our 0.11.x bugfixes don't have any surprises.

The one feature I'd like to see in 1.0 (that we've been talking about for a while) is the
_replicator db. It'd be great to get that out for testing as part of 0.11.1 as well.

I've set aside some time in the next few weeks to work on the _replicator db. I'll be sure
to describe my approach etc with this list so there aren't surprises. I think it's a pretty
straightforward feature (if you want to discuss this now, please reply in a new thread, let's
not muddy this one).


> On Apr 6, 2010 5:33 PM, "Adam Kocoloski" <> wrote:
> On Apr 5, 2010, at 6:16 PM, Tim Smith wrote:
>> On Sat, Apr 3, 2010 at 11:53 AM, Jan Lehnardt <jan@a...
> I'd also like to cut 1.0 from the 0.11 branch and not have any restrictions
> on what lands in trunk.  Best,
> Adam

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