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From Cliff Stanford <>
Subject Re: Time to ReReduce (not ReWrite)
Date Sat, 03 Apr 2010 08:34:59 GMT
On 02/04/10 19:31, Jan Lehnardt wrote:

> I don't want to shoot down your proposal and I want to
> encourage others to  chime in as well, but you can
> achieve all your proposals with vhosts and the rewriter.
> It wouldn't hurt performance very much either :)

There's a lot of sense in the original proposal.  But also in Jan's 
response about the vhosts and rewriter.

The way to combine them is to write clear example documentation, 
implementing Dynnamitt's suggestion as part of the standard manual. 
Even better, include a file in etc/couchdb/local.d in the standard 
distribution which does it if unremmed.

> Aside: We can't really swap out the complete CouchDB API
> shortly before going to 1.0. We are also committed to not
> create any unnecessary legacy features before 1.0, we'll
> start accumulating them soon enough :)

Talking about breaking changes, would it break much to change the 
configuration directives to:


That way, there would be room for .example files which demonstrated this 
kind of stuff where the admin most needs to see it.


Cliff Stanford
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