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From Mark Hammond <>
Subject Re: (lack of) couchdb windows binaries
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2010 11:51:37 GMT
Just to follow up on a bit of this:

On 1/04/2010 10:09 PM, Carl McDade wrote:
> Wampserver, Xammp etc. But it does not appear to do this yet. So while YAWS,
> Ejabbard and other software would be running on single instance of Erlang.
> guaranteeing use of single version, CouchDB might be running on a different
> version.

It appears the ejabberd installer for windows takes the same approach as 
us - the webpage says "The installers contain all the libraries and 
dependencies needed to run ejabberd" and indeed, a copy of the erlang 
runtime and binaries are installed directly in the ejabberd directory - 
ie, it appears to not offer installing into an already installed erlang 
binary distribution either.



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